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Aside from the services listed in our page, we also have partnership with other companies to ensure that you get the best service while you stay with us. All of these are our recommended activities that you should do when you are staying with us. All of them are highly rated by our previous guests.


Yes, explore the city through our guided bike tours. You will definitely enjoy the view of this ancient city, its architecture and the color of the sunset while riding your bike. You will also get to know some of the hidden gems of the city that are worth the visit. To top it off, you can choose whether you want a private one or join a group to meet new people.


Going to a new place is incomplete if you don’t get to taste the flavors it has to offer. We have a food crawl wherein you’ll be treated with over 8 hours of tasting different flavors of the city. You will have the proper courses, desserts and some out of this world food that you should try at least once. Trust us, get ready to go home with a full belly.


This is not just a normal walking city tour wherein you’re just following a guide telling you facts you won’t even remember. This is more of experiential wherein you’ll get to try how locals live in this city. You’ll meet new people, and discover where people usually go. This is not a touristy tour, but rather an introduction of the city. Carefully created by us so you will get to experience the actual life in our city.


If you are into this type of activity, we also have a mystery room wherein you should solve a case before the time runs out. We only have a 30% success rate. Do you belong to those who solved the mystery?