We started as a small hotel with the aim of giving the comfort of home to those who are far away from home. And from our humble beginnings, we are not able to expand into other places to accommodate more and more travelers as they experience the city far from their home.

We believe that a great customer service is our main service. We believe that every customer has the right to be treated like a royalty, that’s why we do just like that. We make you feel that you are special so in a way, you will get to enjoy our amenities and be treated always like a VIP.


We make sure that everyone in our hotel are satisfied fully with our services. We have several staff who will assist you, sometimes, without you asking about it. From the moment you check-in and the moment you leave, you will be given a royal treatment that you deserve. We want that your hotel activities are the last thing you will worry about.

With our hotel, we also give back to the community. We employ those who were not fortunate enough to finish their degree and we let them finish their schooling while working with us. We believe that we can only offer the atmosphere of a home if we treat each other as a family.


We live in the saying that our customers are our boss. Because we want to experience a great service anywhere we go, we start it with our hotel so people will notice that a great customer service is just the standard. Being the pioneer of this kind of service in the hotel industry is a great thing for us as we also helped other hotels who are struggling to turn around their situation like how we did it.