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Located in one of the hottest spots in Amsterdam, our hotels and restaurants are strategically located in areas where it is easily accessible but not right in the middle of the bustling city. We give you your own privacy and at the same time, the convenience to explore the city.

We have one goal in mind. To give you the best service we can give you through our staff, amenities, and additional services. We make your vacation as hassle free as possible because all we want is for you to enjoy your limited vacation time.


Competing Against the Giant

There are so many established hotels and restaurants in the city that is why it was a big challenge for us to make our mark because we’re thinking, everything has been done before so what else can we innovate? What more can we give to our customers. And then we just decided, let’s treat everyone as kings and queens so they’ll always remember our service.

We assure you, from the moment you book your room up until you check out we will be there for you. We will give you updates and necessary support to plan your trip. We also offer assistance in booking activities because we know it can be a hassle.

This kind of hands-on approach is actually rare in this industry. Unless you are paying thousands of dollars, then don’t expect a great service at all. That’s why we became known in this area because we worked hard to make sure everyone feels that they are important.


If you want to stay with us, book your room as soon as possible. Normally, we always book out the next 45 days that’s why you need to plan ahead. You can decide on the room and bed arrangement depending on your requirement.

We also have other services that you might need such as airport transfers and wellness center. If you just want to relax and stay here with us, that’s perfectly fine. You can just enjoy the ambiance after your massage or your dinner reservation with us.

We also have some activities for your kids. Every weekend, we conduct different art lessons for your kids to enjoy. We also have some sports tournament happening so you might want to check that out.

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